Elysian blue

Table: diam 60cm
Lapis Lazuli, blue gemstones, Marble
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DRYAD (Table)
In the mineral forest, nymphs from of another world used to dance, either sublimed by their gemstone dress, either by butterfly wings. Dryads, from Greek mythologies, were deities attached to elements of nature

Pink Opal, Opaline, Amethysts, Pink Quartz, Mother-ofpearl, Jasper, Wulfenite, Tourmaline, Lava, Pyrite, Aragonite, Desert roses, Purpel slate, Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla, Amazonite, Selenite, Chalcopyrite, Pearls, Marble, Agates, Butterfly wings
Diameter 60 cm
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Inspired by Jupiter’s latest stunning pictures, The Table Away embraces the human dream to explore the deepest parts of space.
diam 40, h: 50cm

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