How do I work?

How is mosaic made ?

No stone looks like another one. To select the finest, I collect precious or rare blocks of stones at the other end of the world myself.

Blocks of rare marbles, onyx or travertine are then cut into small and precise pieces in order to reveal both their colors and their textures. Cutting tools haven’t changed for a millennium since the Grecoromans and Byzantines ‘apogee: a hammer and a hardie. Indeed, the most exquisite minerals, such as crystals or well-patterned gemstones are often left intact, and used to enhance the whole work of art.

Like a poet who assembles the words to speak his truth, all these precious pieces are then harmoniously combined and embedded on their final support, such as walls, ceilings or furnitures. They reach that immortal beauty that is specific to
stones mosaic.

Since the whole process is manual, creating a single mosaic can last several hundred of hours and requires patience. My approach to mosaic differs from the millennial codes of this art, by working on abstract and organic patterns, using volumes and integrating new and noble materials.

G E M S T O N E S & M I N E R A L S

In addition to rare marbles,several noble materials that embrace the codes of luxury are used to unleash the power of imagination : 24k Venetian gold, precious and semi-precious stones, as well as many other rare and exquisite materials.

On their own, stones are beautiful. Intertwined through mosaic, they reveal a new, vibrant and breathtaking dimension.


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