Andry Solo is widely regarded as one of the best emergent contemporary mosaic artist today, with an exceptional ability to render that which inspires him, – be it real or imagined – , into flat or three dimensions gemstones collages.

Used in fine sculptures, wall art, frescoes, or furniture, his stunning, abstract, flat or three dimensional mosaic seem almost Out of this word. Exquisitely observed. Rich with almost imperceptible subtleties; elevating his art from the merely good to that of a true master. Each one demonstrating Andry’s astonishing ability to sublime nature and the particular features  of each stone he carefully select amongst the best. Gemstones use into mosaic arose from an encounter between his burning passion for stones, a lifelong involvement into arts, and a crucial need to reconnect with nature.

‘Deep within, the greatest reward of doing mosaic is the strong satisfaction to reconnect with the minerals, to feel my connection to Earth.’

Each piece is created in France, completely without compromise on quality. Andry’s work is owned and admired by an ever-growing number of people worldwide. 

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Beauty : A paradoxical personal perspective

I, as an artist, always hope to create my own version of beauty. I also believe that each person has a personal and idiosyncratic sense of aesthetics. From the moment I conceive my artwork, it is meant to evoke a unique reaction with any viewer, and to engage into a deeper interaction. No two viewers will ever experience and appreciate an artwork identically, and no artwork will ever be experienced and understood in a similar way twice by the same viewer. Each and every interaction is completely unique. Yet, beyond the rewarding diversity and richness of those interactions, I feel entangled into the paradoxical expectation to create something close to universal beauty.

My art is personal : Love it, hate it or be indifferent. Your sensations are yours. However, rest assured that my art represent my greatest efforts to achieve perfection and to create the unachieved. Dive in, enjoy your interaction and hopefully appreciate those efforts.

Kind regards

Andry Solo

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